tumblr kinda forces u to get educated on things bc otherwise u wont be able to participate in or understand dash topics

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I’m done caring about you. #fuckyou #idiot #okistillcareabit #butfuckyou
dyed my hair purple but it looks blue in all the photos I take. whateverrrr #purplehair #purplehaze #manicpanic #hairdye


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Anonymous said: Once you get this, say 5 facts about yourself, then send it to 10 of your favourite followers/blogs c:

okays c:
1. I change my hair colour more often then I should
2. I am very sad rn
3. I miss my chemical romance
4. I hate my body but still fail to change it
5. I fall in love too easily
This was a bit negative sorry, but I’m a negative person rlly so whatever


pink sandals
me: *wakes up*
me: wheres my phone
me: *rips off blankets*
me: *hears loud thud*
me: there it is


*says i dont care* *actually does tho*

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felt this feeling too many times

and that’s why I never get my hopes up..